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Select Press Quotes


"Among the most promising talents of his jazz generation"


"one of New York’s most vital young guitarists"


"Fluid Lyricism"

James Hale - Downbeat


“Excellent technique, a full, rich guitar tone and a definite unique musical voice."


Vince Lewis - Guitar International





"The richness of the music is unmistakable...the range, lyricism, originality and articulate authority of the guitar work here marks him as an important emerging voice on his instrument"

Thomas Conrad - NYC Jazz Record

"Right from the opening of this disc I was taken by the unique blend of dazzling improvisational dexterity and engagingly smart composition.  I know the forms but am taken by the way they're utilized."


Donald Elfman - NYC Jazz Record





"One of the most hotly buzzed jazz musicians to come out of Canada in some time"


Kyle Mullin - Exclaim!





"Alex's guitar work is among the best in jazz today"


Rotcod Zzaj - Improvijazzation





"Proven guitar ace can scrapple with the best of them"


Midwest Jazz Record





Shuns convention while merging disparate forces into a harmonious union... It would be an injustice for this glimmering and artfully produced release to go unnoticed outside of Canada, where Goodman has garnered considerable accolades. Bridges is a significant jazz refresh that tenders a much needed respite from the present-day influx of kiddie bop and the eternal recycling of jazz standards.”


Glenn Astarita - All About Jazz





“A wonderful, contemporary jazz CD...Fresh, innovation and thoroughly enjoyable, Goodman has acquired a signature style that’s definitely like no other. Goodman is genuinely extraordinary... Alex Goodman has made a name for himself in the Canadian jazz scene. In fact, he is a jazz phenomenon the world over.”


Esther Callens - The Birmingham Times







Without question, one of the most gifted guitarists of his generation.


Tim Ries - Rolling Stones Saxophonist





"The next big thing in the jazz world."


Gord Martineau - CityTV




It’s difficult to be stirred nowadays by much new jazz from young musicians, especially if led by a guitarist, but Alex Goodman has done that with his third album as leader. The plethora of enterprising, shape-changing structures has real appeal, as does the evident attention to detail...The complexities are never excessive, the cerebral soloing is superb and Tristano Bach has to be the coolest bebop ever.”


Geoff Chapman - Wholenote





"This is a CD you MUST add to your jazz collection. Goodman is one of Canada's finest jazz guitarists and if you ever needed more evidence of that, then give a listen to Bridges."


Dennis Slater - FFWD Calgary




"Délicatement composée et orchestrée, interprétée avec fougue et grâce, la musique du guitariste prodige torontois jette effectivement un pont entre jazz et classique dans un climat proche de la musique de chambre...aussi soignés soient les arrangements, le véritable intérêt ici tient néanmoins à l’inventivité des improvisations qui placent Alex Goodman dans la lignée d’un Kurt Rosenwinkel."


[English translation] “Delicately composed and orchestrated, interpreted with enthusiasm and grace, the music of the young prodigious Torontonian guitarist Alex Goodman effectively builds a bridge between jazz and classical in a similar manner to chamber music...The arrangements are of real interest while the inventive improvisations place Alex Goodman in the line of a Kurt Rosenwinkel.”


Stanley Péan - Voir





"a fine blend of lyricism, power and spontaneity"


“Bridges can feel at times like higher-order, straight-eighths chamber music... the

substantial but streamlined, forward-moving and personal music on Bridges works."


Peter Hum - Ottawa Citizen





"Ses talents remarquables pour la guitare et la composition lui confèrent une place parmi l'élite des artistes jazz émergents canadiens... Un petit génie?"


[English translation - source: Montreal International Jazz Festival] “His remarkable guitar and compositional talents have won him a place among the elite emerging artists of Canadian jazz... We may have a genius on our hands...”


La Presse Montreal




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